Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010.

Today, I went to the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome.
Last night I got batteries and film for the old Canon EOS Rebel X (that was up in the closet not being used) so I could use it today. And use it I did.! I took 47 pictures.
The experience of using that camera, instead of the small digital Canon Power Shot I've always used, was amazing. I know it's definitely not the best camera, but it sure is an upgrade. hah. I loved it. The only down side about it is, I won't get the pictures back until Friday. So you'll have to wait til then to see my pictures. :P
So you can imagine how excited I'll be when I save up enough money to buy a really nice digital Canon and an amazing lens.
While we were there I met the couple behind Fickle Zeal Photography. They were both really nice, and Andre gave me a couple pointers. I enjoyed meeting them.[:
(I'll put a link to Jenna's website at the end of this post.)

Being there was cool. The only thing is I get ticked off a little too easily when it's hot outside. The sun, the crowd of people.. Yeah. I'm a bit claustrophobic as well, so that was.. interesting. Hahah.
I didn't get too down, though. All the kids there were so cute.!
There was some sort of drill team there, cheering and all, and when they were on their break or whatever, a little girl(about 9 or 10)went up to them and had them doing all kinds of cheers. It was adorable.
And this one little girl was just absolutely precious, I just wanted to hug her. I believe her name was Ella. She's the daughter of one of my Mom's friends, Jill. I'll post a link to her blog at the end of this as well.

Anyways, I suppose that's about it for now. I'll obviously be posting the pictures either Friday or next Saturday. Until then, I'll leave a few pictures from the Power Shot.

And make sure to check these sites out:

Fickle Zeal Photography:


Thursday, October 7, 2010

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

So my Mom wanted me to take pictures of my little sister, Ruby, since she has Down Syndrome.
Here they are, plus a couple pictures of some of my other siblings.

 She likes the feeling of her hair swishing around.[:

 I love you, Mommy.

 Little hugs.<3

 This way, Mommy.

 Elizabeth and Ruby.

 Catherine and Ruby.

 Rebecca, Catherine and Ruby.

 Zane, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Ruby.[:

 You want me to make a face like this, Mommy.?

 We'll both make this face.[:

I can do it by myself.

Hang on, let me get my hands into my pocket first..

..Ok, that's better.[:

Zane and Ruby.

Ruby starting to sign "ball".

This time we'll actually look at the camera.[;

Little kisses.<3

Is it time to go yet, Mommy.?



Becca cracking up at Catherine signing "monkey".

I hope you enjoy the pictures.[:
I'll be posting more after we go to the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome as well.
You can see more from today, and others I've taken, on my Facebook fan page here: